3 Self-Storage Property Management Tips for Better Outdoor Signage

September 24, 2017 Uncategorized

Self-Storage Property Management

The first contact many potential customers have with your self-storage facility will be the outdoor signs they see when driving by. As management experts in the industry, these are 3 lessons we want to share about how to make signs that get your message across effectively:

Make it brief. Remember that most people will see your sign while they’re driving by at 25 miles per hour or more. Even if they’re walking or stopped at a traffic light, they may not give any sign more than a few seconds of their attention. In general, you need to edit your message down to about 15 words or less.

Focus on a single point. If that sounds too restrictive, remember that you don’t have to tell the whole story about the business. In fact, it’s usually most effective to pick one idea per sign: Maybe running a special promotion or when yours is the only storage facility in your area which offers gated access.

Target your customers. Think about who your current customers are, and who you want to reach. Maybe you attract eBay entrepreneurs who need a place to store their inventory and packing materials. Maybe you could do more to promote your business to families who are planning a long-distance move, or older homeowners who want to get better organized.

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