3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Bad Mattress for Your First Apartment

July 25, 2019 Uncategorized

When you graduate college or move out on your own for the first time, your budget might be the top thing on your mind. There are suddenly a lot of bills and not a lot of certainty. Even if you find a good job in a city you like, that’s not necessarily enough certainty to give you a feel of permanence.

One of the go-to strategies for first-time renters on a cautious budget is to buy bad furniture. If it’s uncomfortable, you can let it go if you have to move out of the city or state. If it’s collapsible, it’s easy to move it to a different local apartment with a new roommate. If it’s cheap, it’s going to be less of a blow if a roommate accidentally takes it. But here’s why you should buck the trend when it comes to your bed.

1. Good sleep can change your whole day.

A good mattress is key to getting a good night’s sleep. When you’re stressed over jobs, bills, or living in a new place, making sure you can sleep comfortably should be your first priority. The right mattress can reduce chronic pain, reduce anxiety, and make you feel energized. But that means investing in a good mattress instead of sorting through Amazon by lowest price.

2. You can store your mattress when your address is in flux.

One of the reasons why many people in their twenties are reluctant to buy good mattresses is because of the risk you can’t take them with you when you move. But flexible storage units are making it easier (and cheaper) to hold onto the furniture you need in-between new apartments. With the right service, you don’t have to pay for long-term contracts or square footage you don’t need.

3. Modern moving companies can make relocating your investment easy on your budget.

Once you have your next apartment, moving companies can bring your good mattress to you. Many services know that that younger millennials and older Gen Z employees have to move from place to place on a wide geographic scale, and they’re built to make it happen.

Years ago, it may have made sense to buy a cheap mattress so you could easily part with it and buy a new one. But now enough science has to light to make that a bad idea. Flexible storage units and transportation services also make it easier to hold onto a good one. Contact us at Right Move Self-Storage to find exactly the storage space you need.

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