3 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Put Something in Self-Storage

July 20, 2020 Uncategorized

Many people think that it’s better to throw out old things rather than storing them. And yet, you might have a number of old things which have sentimental value. So you might be unwilling to throw them out.

For example, maybe you have some furniture from the home you grew up in. It may still be in good condition, and you may also be reluctant to part with it because of all the memories associated with it. Maybe at some point in the future, you will be able to refurbish it and use it in your home. So why not put it in self-storage?

Here are some things to consider when you put an item in storage:

Is It Valuable?

Of course, you don’t want to throw away valuable items such as antiques. But maybe you don’t have the time to refurbish or sell them now. So you can put them in storage until you’re ready to take on this project. The same applies to coin collections, designer clothes, original artwork, etc.

Will It Be Useful?

You don’t want to keep old things which are not going to be useful. For example, if you are holding on to clothes which haven’t fit you for a few years, you might as well throw them away. But if you think that certain things are going to be useful in the future, then hold on to them.

For example, you can hold on to your wedding dress which you could pass on to your daughter. Nowadays, it’s quite trendy to take old wedding dresses and have their style altered by a good tailor so that they seem more contemporary.

Do You Love It?

There are certain things which are not valuable or useful but you might want to hold on to them all the same simply because you love them. For example, you might want to store that collection of marbles you’ve had since you were a kid or those baby clothes you knitted for your kids. Some people like to hold on to old diaries while others are attached to old books or arts and crafts.

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